The Jakarta Guide - Carla Obbens

ISBN 90-8548-006X

Paperback, 52 p., (Eng.)

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As it is an experience to stay in a town which is not familiar right away, this booklet is especially suitable for people like you, who are planning to stay or live in this metropolis for a specific time. In order to enjoy yourself it is good to realise that things are different from your hometown. With this guide, it is much easier to find your way through this little big town. You will learn about habits, the way of life and how to find the right taxi which takes you to places you really want to visit. Special notes about safety, will help to make you enjoy your stay. Thatís for sure!

Carla Obbens (1956) an Information  Professional, spend several months in Jakarta, Indonesia. She worked at the Indonesian Netherlands Association (INA. Her project on reorganising a serious part of the Business Information Centre with books, clippings and magazines, was a success. During this period she stayed with a very friendly Indonesian family, right in the heart of Jakarta.