The Last Jewel - Ronald Hendrikse & the NiteAngyl (niet meer leverbaar)


Artikel in PZC 12 juli 2006

The Last Jewel

“The NiteAngyl appeared amidst the stout warriors. He was like a threatening shadow, so terrible, as he stood between the blood-wet men. The heavy pressure of Darkness and evil weighted deadly on the hearts of them all. And even before any of the frightened warriors could move, the NiteAngyl swiftly slain each and every one of them with his ax of terrible might.”

But a few years ago, an early recovery of one of the long-lost three Treejewels meant an unwished-for shift in the outcome of the prophecy of The End.

Claiming himself as the Guardian of Mankind, the NiteAngyl sets out to find this missing Silmaril.

A princess with a mysterious past claims to know more about the presence of the third Jewel, and she joins the NiteAngyl as they travel across the southern parts of Middle-Earth to the Outer Steppes which even its legend is shrouded in mists of mystery.

When the arch-nemesis of the NiteAngyl unwillingly enforces the powers of an ancient evil, the NiteAngyl understands that his quest becomes more than to save the world alone: it shall change himself too.

 With a war ahead on the horizon and the feared LiteDaemon waiting in the jungles of Siraenor, the travels of both the NiteAngyl and princess Eyaïah will move them closer to each other, despite the uncomforting ban that lies on the being of the NiteAngyl; he is forbidden to love another living being. 

Regardless of what the result of his quest will be, the NiteAngyl will ascent from the ashes of his former self with the fate of the world bent to his will.